Debt Slayers Strategy Guide: Advanced Tactics Course

Have you gone through The Debt Slayers Site and find that you’re still having difficulty slaying your debt?!? Never Fear, a Wise and Grizzled Debt Slayer is near. The Advanced Tactics Course walks you through, step-by-step, the Slaying process so you can bathe in the sweet Blood of your Debts!

Academy of Debt Slaying Awesomeness

Pull up a chair and grab a tankard of ale young slayer.

I’ve heard this time and again by many-o-noob slayer, “I just don’t have the money to do what I want to do, and I don’t understand how to fix it!”

This is usually accompanied by sobs and tears. Then we spoon for awhile, I’m big spoon of course.

When the moment has passed, I smack them in the face and yell at them! I think it’s motivational.

You see young slayer, your debts aren’t all that scary. Your money problems aren’t forever and you can beat the living crap out of em. You just have to believe in yourself.

The good news is …. this Grizzled Debt Slayer is going to take you from hiding in fear from your debts to PISSING ON YOUR DEBT’S GRAVE!

So how am I gonna do this? I’ll explain right here, my young adventurer!

Young Slayers hope & pray that their “scary debts” will just go away. They sheath their weapons and hide at the mere sound of them.

Some Slayers stand up boldly to deify their debts but don’t realize how crafty those debts are. (More on that later.)

Do you know what breaks this Grizzled Slayers tender heart? It’s when I see someone finally figure out how to slay their debts to take their place among the free slayers of the world …only to spend the next few months or years ignoring all that they have learned, trapped in the same place they were before.

“BUT Wise SLAAAYYERRRR… how will I slay my debts without winning the lottery or marrying a rich old person?!?

*Slaps Young Slayer in the Face*

It’s easy… you make a character sheet of your amazing self, turn your debts into monsters and start deciding which ones you’re gonna f&%king flay first!

 If it ain’t as stupid simple as picking a monster and killing it then you’re doing it wrong.

You’re creating an RPG Campaign out of your Debts and it’s a damn-important thing to do!

But screw the theoretical pep-talk, I’ll give ya a REAL EXAMPLE. In fact, we’ll talk about how this Grizzled Debt Slayer created his Campaign and slaughtered his Debts:

Step 1) The Grizzled Debt Slayer had a dream, that one day he would rise up and live out the true meaning of his creed:  That all people and races shall be free of debt!

This is when the Grizzled Debt Slayer took all of his battle experience and decided to make his debt into a game.

Step 2) The Grizzled Debt Slayer created a character sheet that represented him and his destructive money damage. Then he Created monsters that represented his debts.

The monsters were silly, and the drawings were awful, but it didn’t matter because the Grizzled Debt Slayer now had something that he could make bleed!

Step 3) The Grizzled Debt Slayers created a war plan to isolate and slaughter his debts one at a time as quickly as possible.

Step 4) The debt monsters started falling one by one like flies. Before he knew it, the Grizzled Debt Slayer destroyed the Evil Debt Overlords.

This means that when the dust of war settled he had increased his cash flow and freedom without winning the lottery or “giving it up” to some old rich dude!

The process takes little time to plan and implement, and the results happen with in a month! That’s EXACTLY what us Grizzled Debt Slayers are showing you how to do in the Debt Slayer Strategy Guide: Advanced Tactics Course.

This is how most people react after I blow their mind:

*jaw hitting the ground*
“I … it can’t be… no, no it is… I can’t believe it’s really that easy!”

My exterior might be so battle worn and mangled that it makes small children cry, but when I see people react like that it makes my soft beautiful heart swell! It means an amazing shift happened in their skulls and that freedom is in sight!

How do we do this? By showing you a bunch of videos IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE.  First, we create several real characters, then we make monsters out of our character’s debts, and then we create war plans to destroy those debts!

Earlier I said, “Some Slayers stand up boldly to deify their debts but don’t realize how crafty those debts are!” Once you realize how simple it is to destroy your debts, their craftiness will hold no power over you!

Do your future-slayer-self a favor and get this now… and this Grizzled Slayer will slap the fears outta ya … and show you methods to disemboweling your debts!

A Grizzled Debt Slayer

P.S. Once you stab your sword into this deal, we’ll send you access to the Debt Slayers Strategy Guide: Advanced Tactics Course .. You just watch all the videos (and other content) in order. We simplify everything down to WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW… No weird or misleading information. No untested speculative Ideas Bullshit, and no leaving questions unanswered. We want you to LEARN from this Young Slayer. See you on the other side…

Now, prepare for your debts … TO DIE!


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