Slap Your Debt Like it’s a Bar Wench

Does the sound of 20 sided dice rolling across a table make you shiver with anticipation?  Does the thought of bashing in the skull of your debts make you misty eyed?  If not, you might want to stop reading now.

You see my fellow slayers, today we’re reaching out to all the RPG gaming peeps.

If a bottle of Mountain Dew, caffeinated brownies, Mp3′s of Dragonforce and all-nighters with your favorite Role Playing Games “twixt your nethers” then you can count yourself as one of em’.

You might be thinking, “But wait oh Wise One … what’s my debt got to do with Role Playing Games?”

Well young slayer, this alchemist of reality managed to obliterate his debt by turning it into an RPG. And you can too.

Check it

When you’re on an epic quest, do you go trudging through the forest picking your imaginary ass trying to figure out what to do or where to go?

Shit No Son!

You have an objective to follow, and a destination in mind. If you don’t, you get one fast-like else you don’t level up or get shiny new gear.

You can treat your debts in the same way.

You caaannn randomly pay off your debts, but without an objective it becomes aimless, you level up slower and get less shiny gear (a.k.a keeping your hard earned monies and upgrading your flip phone!)

 Chew on this grizzle.

Chance’s are your creditors are some random company or bank (BORING). They’re faceless and completely mundane. It’s no wonder you don’t get a chubby when you pay those bills.

But what if you turned your Creditors into monsters?  Hit points would correlate with the debt you owe and every time you pay your debt you would literally take another swing at the monster you created.

All of a sudden the landscape of your debt looks way more awesome and well, something you want to rule!

So Imagine

for a second that you’re thrusting your long, hard steel into the skull of your newly envisioned debts.

Imagine sitting on the throne of this landscape you decimated.

Take a mental image of having fun figuring out the best strategies to conqueror your debts without having to create your own RPG system from scratch!

This could be you!

The best part about it

(drum roll please)


If you want to know how to reduce your debt to rubble by turning it into an RPG then check out the rest of this site. I also have a free newsletter that I send out weekly that is filled with tips, rants and other shenanigans.

Own your debt it like it’s a Copper Coin Wench!

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